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    Current practice insights into the use of biologicals

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    Rapid access to our in-house patient-centric Database Network

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    An experienced sparring partner for your European healthcare questions

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    Dedicated to research real-life health care for the benefit of patients

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    Thank you for a great time at ICPE Prague

    The PHARMO team had a great time at ICPE in Prague. It was a great opportunity to meet all the experts in the field and to (re)connect with our clients and partners. At ICPE we had the opportunity to present several aspects of our work, including ...

    PHARMO’s annual scientific report 2017 available

    PHARMO's annual scientific report discusses the current expertise and research of the PHARMO Institute, publications, international collaborations and partners. Furthermore the annual report describes the organisational structure and information on h...

    Comparable paediatric safety profiles of proton pump inhibitors and histamine-2 receptor antagonists

    Hospitalisation rates for predefined safety outcomes (gastroenteritis, convulsion/seizure, pneumonia, thrombocytopenia, acute interstitial nephritis, angioneurotic oedema and failure to thrive) were low and mostly similar in paediatric first-time use...

  • Events

    Real-world Patient Treatment Journeys in Combination with Health Assessments at Critical Drug-changing Time Points

    Presentation at the PhUSE Single Day Event (SDE) on Friday the 21st of September, Brussels, Belgium. Berber Snoeijer consultant at the PHARMO Intitute will present Real-world Patient Treatment Journeys in Combination with Health Assessments at Cr...

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    MANAGER VAN DE PHARMO ONDERZOEKSGROEP Wil je bijdragen aan meer transparantie in de gezondheidszorg? Heb je een onderzoekshart en een zakelijke instelling? Ben jij een leider die je team inspireert en helpt om nieuwe hoogten te bereiken? En duik je ...

    BIG Data Analist/Statistical programmer

    BIG Data analyst/Statistical Programmer PHARMO is op zoek naar een data analyst/statistical programmer ter ondersteuning van de afdeling Onderzoek. Je hebt affiniteit met data uit de gezondheidszorg en vindt het leuk om dagelijks te programmeren....

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    What we do

    As an independent research organisation dedicated to the study of epidemiology, drug utilisation, drug safety, health outcomes, and utilisation of healthcare resources PHARMO assists its clients in their decision-making.

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    What we have

    PHARMO Database Network: we have rapid access to our rich population-based network of databases. Data are derived from different primary and secondary healthcare settings. For our observational studies disease-specific cohorts are created from the various databases.


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  • No decreased risk of gastrointestinal cancers in users of metformin in The Netherlands; a time-varying analysis of metformin exposure

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